General Sport Authority

The General Sport Authority (GSA) was founded in 1974, and is the government body responsible for sport in Saudi Arabia — from elite international level down to grassroots development level.

The GSA will take care of the sports city’s operations and maintenance and the wider responsibilities include:

  • running the Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee, and representing Saudi Arabian sport at international level
  • owning and managing the public and professional sports facilities in the Kingdom
  • creating and directing programmes and initiatives for sports
  • controlling, managing and funding the Olympic committee and all 30 Saudi sports federations
  • owning and funding all 153 multi-sport clubs in the Kingdom
  • supporting the Kingdom’s youth by providing leisure activities and promoting Islamic and Arab customs and culture
  • providing and allocating facilities on a rent-free basis to tenant clubs
  • defining the objectives of sport, and measuring the effectiveness of programmes Facilities

The GSA owns and manages most of the sports facilities in Saudi Arabia, such as:

  • the 13 sports cities, including large stadia such as the King Fahd International Stadium
  • integrated sports complexes
  • swimming pools and indoor halls such as the Green Hals in Jeddah, Riyadh, and Dammam
  • neighbourhood sports facilities such as park arenas
  • multisport complexes and community sport clubs
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