The Great Carnival in the World of Wrestling

Saturday 28 April 2018

The Great Carnival in the World of Wrestling

The participants in this great global Carnival are number of world stars in the world of wrestling, who enjoyed great popularity in the world, and launched a number of WWE competitions and even fights, where you meet are the Gladiators "Street triple H against famous wrestler John Cena, Cena managed to win In that confrontation, as crowned wrestler "Cedric Alexander" Alkrosiroit "middleweight title, after beating Gladiator Callisto, in the title of" RAO "difference" Anaphylaxis Tim ", (" Wokin Matt Hardy and Bray white)” on the team of "Shamos & Wesizaro”.


He also won the title of United States wrestler Jeff Hardy ", after his victory over duo Gendre Mahal escort Sunil Singh. In the competition for the title of "Samak down Tag Tim",the winner in  title Bluedgon The Ausooz team, continue to "stairs" on the intercontinental title, wrestler "Seth Rollins ' kept the title after winning the competition Quartet on both" The Miz "and" Samoa Joe "and" Vin Balwer

In title of challenge fight WWE wrestler won, "A.J. Stiles on Gladiator" Shinseki Nakamura "outer count without installing or subjection, in the famous fight “ the coffin," world famous wrestler the undertaker succeeded in winning the Gladiator "Rousseff," in the fight that day's events 9 title The Universal, Gladiator "Brock Lesnar" won the game against Roman Gladiator "Raines













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