The Stadium

The stadium

The stadium has the capacity to host international, national, regional and local football games. It can seat more than 60,000 spectators as well as royal and media seating accommodation.

The pitch

The natural turf pitch meets the current FIFA requirements, with a 105 x 68 metre playing surface and pitch side clearances from the first row of spectators of 8.5 metres minimum along the touch-lines and 10 metres behind the goals.

The pitch and surrounds full dimensions, from the perimeter advertising boards to the first row of seats, is covered using artificial turf and rubber crumb. This prevents the turf being worn out by the referees, assistants or linesmen.

Overlooking the natural grass pitch at either end of the stadium are two large electronic screens.


The stadium has a range of high quality facilities for spectators, players, officials, security, media, and event co-ordinators — delivering the ultimate sporting experience.

The 3-level concourse has a range of areas and facilities including first aid rooms and bin stores, as well as equipment such as TV monitors, ATM machines and drinking fountains.

At pitch level there loading bays, emergency services, staff car parking, a central production kitchen and a press conference room. Player facilities are located at pitch level with a secure dedicated drop-off/entrance and direct access to the pitch via a central tunnel. The player facilities are designed to FIFA standards, and include high quality changing rooms, warm-up areas, prayer rooms and a top class first aid centre.

Operational facilities include referees changing room, general coordinators’ office, match commissioners’ office, officials offices and meeting room, ball boys changing room and a doping control centre. There are also facilities for event staff, including stores and an event presentation centre which controls the PA system, music and electronic screens.

Fans can also purchase their favourite team and players’ promotional clothing and other support equipment and souvenirs from the Fan Shop.

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