King Abdullah Sports City provides the most impressive state of the art facilities and services that have been created to provide an experience to be enjoyed by all visitors, whether they be spectators, organisers or the athletes themselves.

The Grand Plaza operates as a gateway to the stadium and also holds the Masjid, a located created for public congregation right at the heart of KASC, a destination, a place of worship, and a place of social, cultural and commercial activity. Visitors’ spiritual needs are important throughout the complex to bring sports and Saudi culture together. There are prayer rooms located throughout the spectating areas of the Sports City, including the main stadium and the sports hall.

In addition to the main 60,000-seat soccer stadium, the complex includes a 10,000-seat multi-sports hall, an outdoor 1,000-seat athletic stadium, additional indoor training fields, and parking for 45,000 vehicles. The complex also includes an auditorium, luxury suites for the royal family, Wi-Fi, and is air conditioning throughout the various facilities.

Conference facilities at the Sports City are fitted with the most state of art technology, for both conference organisers and their visitors, for an experience visitors will never forget.

VIP and premium facilities are made for the comfort and entertainment of all guests. The royal family, their special guests and gold and silver ticket holders are treated to the best and most comfortable services and facilities including a clear and unobstructed view of the KASC stadium.

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